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Isoperla make chart topping, high quality native apps for iOS and Android
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Posted on Nov 27, 2018

What should you put into your app ? Reduce functionality and concentrate on key features. Keep a narrow focus rather than painting with broad brush. Get as much bang for your development buck as possible. Try and do too much and all you will do is dilute what you deliver.

Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Persistence and endurance are key qualities of successful product development. You have to keep going to stand a chance of getting anywhere. Even when sales are slow at the beginning. Listen, adapt, develop and keep going.

Posted on Nov 11, 2018

Multi-language support needs to be built into your app from the very beginning, even if you only initially release in a single language. It can be an expensive mistake to take short cuts and hard code strings into early versions, so much easier to do it correctly from the start.

Posted on Nov 10, 2018

A commercially successful app needs to be built to accommodate unreliable internet connections. This comes at a cost, but is fundamental even in these days of ubiquitous 4G. A strategy to handle intermittent connections needs to be right at the core of your app.

Posted on Nov 7, 2018

Ideas are worth nothing, it's all about implementation. Turn your idea into a product and get it out into the market as soon as you can. It doesn't have to be perfect as the market will steer you in any case. Stop wasting time and plant your footprint on the ground.

Posted on Nov 6, 2018

When choosing which platform to target first, we would recommend iOS for paid apps and Android for free ones. We have found that revenue from Android sales tends to run at around a third of sales on iOS. But there are more downloads of free apps on Android.

Posted on Nov 5, 2018

Prioritising the right target market for your app can really impact sales. When one of our apps was No. 1 in the UK app chart we were selling more in the US market where it was only No. 10.

Posted on Nov 4, 2018

Why a native app ? Why not a mobile or embedded website ? Why not a hybrid? You only really need a native app if you want something that works with an intermittent network connection, runs close to the machine (i.e. fast) or needs to access core functions not available to browsers.

Posted on Nov 3, 2018

You can make an app as pretty as you like, but unless it does something new, practical and helpful, it is unlikely to sell many copies.

About us

Isoperla make chart topping, high quality native apps for iOS and Android. Right now one of our apps will be No.1, or thereabouts, in at least one app store major market and at least one category. We can say this with confidence as it has been the case since 2012.

We created Bird Song Id, one of the world's top selling mobile reference apps. This app identifies bird species from songs picked out of the air using the device microphone, like Shazam for birds. It was the first of its kind in the world, The Times Newspaper called it an 'astonishingly sophisticated piece of software'.

We also make Form Maker, one of the best selling apps in the U.S. business chart. This app lets you design forms on your mobile device and capture data while offline.

We make products for other people too. Isoperla work with companies, academic institutions, charities and individual entrepreneurs. We've developed apps for social networks, mapping, medical services, sales, marketing, passport control, 360 video and more.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies underpinning Apple and Google mobile platforms, and use a blend of agile and traditional techniques to build robust well architected software. We have our own highly functional application framework which supports seamless server integration, data synchronisation, mapping, geolocation and custom user interface controls.

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